Idaho Asphalt Paving Contractor

Dahle Construction completes custom asphalt paving in Idaho for all size residential asphalt paving and commercial asphalt paving projects. This includes new asphalt paving, asphalt repairs, patching and even water drainage work. We ensure our asphalt employees offers courteous, professional service at a fair price. We give every asphalt project our complete attention ensuring beautiful results.

New Driveways, Roads & Parking Lots

Since 2004, Dahle Construction has been trusted to install new asphalt paving throughout Idaho. Whether your project is in Salmon, Pocatello, Idaho Falls or Boise Idaho area, give us a call! With 70 years excavating and grading experience we can professionally complete your project from start to finish.

  • Gravel Work
  • New Asphalt Paving

Making Old Driveways, Parking Lots & Roads New Again!

Is your asphalt paving looking poorly, let Dahle Construction’s asphalt team bring it back to its original state of beauty. Our asphalt paving services include:

  • Gravel Work
  • Patching and crack repair
  • Resurfacing
  • Seal Coating

Asphalt Maintenance Issues

Cracks and holes in your asphalt paving can lead to water seepage. The cold climate in Idaho with its repeated freezing and thawing will eventually cause larger more costly problems. If you notice small holes or cracks to potholes in your asphalt driveway, road or parking lot, allow Dahle Construction to fix those problems before they grow. Not only will this save you cost in the long run, but will improve your property appearance at the same time.

No asphalt job is too big or too small!

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The Idaho Asphalt Paving Contractors of choice for all your asphalt paving needs!