Commercial Site Prep Contractors in Idaho

Dahle Construction LLC has over 60 years experience as a Commercial Idaho Site Preparation Contractor. Our conscientious team understands the importance of the site prep work phase’s being completed correctly the first time as the foundation to any successful construction project.

We offer excellent value for the Site Prep phase of your project when you choose our Idaho Full Site Preparation Package. Working with Dahle Construction as a full site prep solution can help ensure your schedule stays on task. While we self perform most site prep services, our strong partnerships with selected industry leaders ensure individual tasks are completed with efficiency on budget and on time. We can also manage the following individual projects:

  • Construction Engineering
  • Building Pads – excavate for building pads and or prepare ground for concrete slab
  • Dig Concrete Footings
  • Excavation
  • Leveling
  • Underground Utilities including trenching for power lines and telecommunications; installing underground utilities such as water and sewer pipeline installation and finish with reclaiming the surface.
  • Drainage Systems
  • Access Roads

Allow our knowledgeable team and Safety First Workforce at Dahle Construction to be your Site Prep Solutions. Our leadership and full company support can reduce project stress and improve communications through less inter-contractor coordination and fewer mobilizations. This provides better flow between job tasks, a tighter material control and reduces the amount of scheduling conflicts to prevent change orders and increased budget costs.


  • Job deadlines completed on time
  • Work with a knowledgeable team with ability to foresee and adjust for problems before they become an issueMeet or exceed budget
  • Ensure job safety is top priority


Dahle’s etical, solution-oriented workforce is why companies trust our team with their complete Site Work and Land Development projects. Our extensive fleet of modern equipment allows us to handle commercial and industrial schedule intensive projects

Over the last 10 years, we have extended our parameters of work to hundreds of miles outside of Salmon Idaho. In order to work with the contractor and to continue to grow, Dahle Construction is willing to make work sites in nearly any corner of Idaho.

Dahle Construction is licensed, bonded and legally qualified to do business in any jurisdiction with the ability to bond up to 15 million per project. Some of those are listed below:

  • Idaho Contracting Business License # RCE-574
  • Idaho Complex Sewer Installer #I-0176
  • Idaho Public Works # PWC-C-11353-AA-1


Discover how a “Full Site Prep Package” with Dahle Construction LLC can add value to your project!