Residential Construction Excavating Contractors in Idaho

We at Dahle Construction remember our roots starting in the residential construction business and to this day find great pride and joy in helping you with your projects from excavating a new building pad, to trenching in all of your utilities to keeping to your driveways clear in the winter time.

We alleviate the frustrations associated with earthwork and building site projects as we are KNOWN for finding unique solutions for difficult projects! You can trust your job will be completed the correct way the first time as our personnel are highly trained and certified per OSHA, MSHA, and HAZWOPER.

Building Pads – Every new construction project needs an excellent base for success. We can excavate for your building pad and or prepare the ground for a concrete slab. Our highly trained crew and late model equipment efficiently moves the earth around and evens it out, and finally is properly packed down creating a strong base for your foundation. We also offer complete Site Prep Services for your residential construction project saving you time and money.

Driveways – Dahle Construction can excavate for and install gravel driveways and asphalt driveways meant to last with low or no maintenance. Grading is our specialty!

Land Grading – During the land grading process we ensure the land slopes away from your building structures allowing water to drain away from any buildings. We can also complete finish grading which includes spreading top soil evenly and applying the grass seed.

Landscape & Maintenance – We can help you prepare your home landscaping needs and also help you with your maintenance. Whether you have a new home or want to update your landscaping on an existing home. We prepare the ground for you to put in plants or trees, paths, or pedestrian bridges. In addition, we can bring in all your aggregate needs from landscape rocks to driveway gravels.

Septic Systems – Dahle Construction will install your septic system to last!

Site Prep – If you are ready to build, contact Dahle Construction for all your building site prep needs ensuring the structural integrity of your home or building. Our experienced team will guide you through the complete Building Site Prep process from site-plan to foundation.

Snow Removal & Sanding – The winter climate in Lemhi County comes with plenty of freezing and thawing throughout the winter months. This often results in slippery snow packed and icy driveways. Keep your family safe with Dahle’s snow removal and sanding services.

Stream Bank Rehabilitation – If your property is on a river’s edge, creek or stream and that waterway begins to overflow, Dahle Construction environmental crew can solve your problems. Our equipment and qualified crew can repair your erosion problems without harming the natural order of nature.

Utilities – From storm water to underground telecommunications, you can trust our highly trained crew to provide you with quality underground utility installation throughout Idaho.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured with 70 years experience serving Salmon and all of Lemhi County, Boise Idaho and beyond.