Blackbird Mine CERCLA Site

Blackbird Mine CERCLA Contract 1999 to Present

Dahle Construction is the CERCLA Site Contractors for Blackbird Mine located 30 miles west of Salmon Idaho. Since 1999, we have performed several environmental cleanup of arsenic, copper and cobalt for making better water quality.

  • Demolished building which had contaminated mine tailings in the dirt surrounding the building.
  • Hauled contaminated earth back to the mine site and disposed of it in a repository
  • Erosion control where we stabilized mine tailings from migrating downstream by installing a new creek channel and other structures.

Over 100 years of open pit silver and copper mining in the Blackbird Mine location left the ground contaminated. The contaminated waste piles then bled arsenic, cobalt, copper, nickel and zinc into surrounding creeks which then flowed into Panther Creek. Eventually Panther Creek became toxic resulting in the chinook salmon stopped returning and fishery was destroyed.

With ongoing Environmental cleanup projects in place, fishing has returned to Panther Creek. We continue to perform environmental clean up projects in order to return water quality to federal standards.

Blackbird Mine Cercla Site
Blackbird Mine Cercla Site
Blackbird Mine Cercla
Blackbird Mine Environmental
Building Aggregate
Building Road
Channel Armoring
Channel Restoration
Channel Restoration
Channel Restoration
Drilling and Blasting
Material Hauling Aggregate Production
Material Hauling
Newly Constructed Stream Channel
On-Site Safety Meeting
Blackbird Mine
Removed Pond Site Reclamation
Rip-Rap Hauling
Rip Rapping Channel Restoration
Rip-Rap Hauling
Road Construction
Utility Maintenance
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